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Weta Swarm 2016 -  

17th and 18th September 2016 – Weston Sailing Club, Southampton.

Sponsored by Bishops’ Home Improvements Ltd and Andark Watersports

Brief Report:

The weather was superb - warm and summery. The wind on the first day was at the top end of comfortable while on the second day it was quite light and fluky and faded towards the end. We had about 8 boats, four singlehanded. Of those racing reasonably seriously Charles Strick had a turn of speed and ability to point which put him well ahead of anyone else. He claims not to have raced seriously before. Fortunately for the rest of us he, along with much of the rest of the feet, failed to identify the leeward mark correctly in the first race and set off in the direction of the Isle of Wight before being caught by a rescue boat and turned round. George Morris and Tony Curtis were reasonably well matched, Tony’s record being spoilt by a navigational error on day one and George’s by sailing into a wind hole on day two. MarkB was sailing his Weta for the first time and managed to stay upright and get round the course successfully. Tim Griffiths arrived as a new owner fresh from the Shanghai Yacht Club which has over 20 Wetas.

Slightly longer report

Weta Swarm /  Nationals at Weston Sailing Club, Southampton, UK - weekend of 16-18 September, 2016

As new Weta owners, we (Mark, Thomas and I) approached our first Weta Swarm with a mixture of excitement and nervousness - would it rain all weekend? Would Mark be able to manage the boat on his own?  - the UK in Autumn can be unpredictable..

Thankfully the weather behaved itself! It stayed dry on the Friday when everyone arrived to set up their tents, caravans and boats, provided strong winds on the Saturday and then lighter winds on the Sunday when the sun came out and the weather was glorious - especially for mid-September! Luckily, it also stayed dry all weekend - nice if you're in a tent - before pouring down on Monday when we were all safety back home.

There were a lot of boats down at Weston - several catamaran classes were there as part of their national racing programme, plus local boats and, of course, eight Wetas. It made for a busy weekend both on and off the water - but the cat sailors were a friendly bunch and brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the sailing, drinking, dinners and dancing!

Friday night was a fish and chips supper and drinks which went down very well - apart from with poor Thomas who was up during the night (I think his mum's oven-made F&C are a lot less greasy than the chip shop’s).

Mark had only sailed his Weta once before (helped by Pete) and had never raced at all, so there was a lot to learn for him as he went out solo into Saturday's strong winds (Northerly 15-20 kts, gusting 25). Wisely, he decided to go out with only the mainsail rigged and managed to make his way without incident around the sailing area - thoroughly enjoying himself - although with no idea where the course was; the strong winds made for exhilarating sailing for everyone else, most of whom didn’t know where the course was either.

Saturday night was drinks in the clubhouse followed by a curry, then a band and dancing for the brave. Many thanks to Weston who did a great job of organising the whole weekend - even going so far as to arrange a daily parade of majestic cruise ships (including the Queen Mary 2) for our viewing from the beautiful meadow next to the clubhouse where we'd set up our tent.

Sunday provided sunshine but only light winds (Northerly 5 to 10 kts) which meant the sailors tended to drift around a bit rather than the charging of the previous day. Mark felt sufficiently emboldened to rig and deploy all three sails on his boat and noticeably gained in confidence through the weekend (if not in actual skill!).

The prize-giving ceremony saw Tony receive the coveted 'clanger bell' award for trying to sneak his Weta into Weston's boat-park by going through the security fence and also 3rd prize too, George got 2nd (though perhaps he should also get a prize for distance travelled as Southampton was just a way-point for him on his trip from Scotland to Germany!) with Charles shooting up the score-board from last year to scoop 1st place. Weta class AGM followed on with news of next year's swarm in Cornwall to look forward to.

We enjoyed our first chance to meet the very friendly fellow Weta owners and had a great weekend. Mark certainly learned a lot and is impressed with the Weta's versatility - and speed! A big thank-you from all to Pete and Weston for organising everything.


Minutes of the AGM, held in a field at Weston Sailing Club, 18 Sept 2016

State of the class. New Wetas have not exactly been selling like hot cakes but a number of second hand boats have become available including two re-imported from Ireland which should increase the number of active sailors.

Other relevant information.  There is to be a central Weta store somewhere in Europe from which dealers can draw boats, thus reducing the amount of capital required for stock.

The next Nationals will be in Rock in May.

Finances. The class has about £300, about 120 of which will be needed for our RYA affiliation fee. If we need any more, donations will be requested as in previous years.

Election of Officers. The meeting expressed satisfaction with the way the class was being administered and George Morris was re-elected to the post of chairman.

Date and time of next meeting: May 2017 at the Nationals at Rock.

All those in favour?



Univela Sailing - società sportiva dilettantistica a responsabilità limitata


Campione Univela Hostel

Campione del Garda – Tremosine (Brescia) Italy

45°15’25N - 10°45’00E

Tel.: +39.0365.791102

Fax: +39.0365.791105


Web site:


1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing except as any of these is altered by this notice of race or by the Sailing Instructions and/or the WETA class rules.

1.2 The Italian National prescriptions will not apply.

1.3 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.


Boats may be required to display bow numbers and advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority.


3.1 The regatta is open to all WETA 4.4 trimarans complying with Weta Class Rules.

3.2 All sailors shall be a member of their National Weta Class Association or the International Weta Class Association.

2 of 8

3.3 For French competitors will apply the rules of the French class in force at the time of the race.

French competitors must submit the "licence compétition" of the year given by Fédération Française de Voile.

3.4 All helms less than 18 years of age during the event shall submit signed Parent/Guardian declarations either by post or at registration.

3.5 All competitors (each crew member) shall be a member of their National Authorithy and show during confirmation of registration:

- The Log book of the boat .

- A valid authorization of advertising on boat if necessary.


4.1 Eligible boats may enter within 30 april, by completing the entry form available online at and paying the entry fee per boat,

including “competitors diner” on may 6, as follows:

- Solitary € 100

- Double € 150

4.2 On or after 1 May 2018 entries will be accepted at the discretion of the organizing authority and

will be subject to a “late entry fee” surcharge of € 50,00


The regatta will be run as a single fleet: common starting for solitary and double.


4 May from 15:00 to 17:00 Registration

5 May from 09:00 to 12:00 – from 14.00 to 17.00 Registration

5 May from 18:00 briefing for competitors – after welcome drink

6 May 13:00 Warning Signal for first race or long distance

6 May 19:30 Competitors diner

7 May -------- Race,

8 May --------- Race,

8 May asap Prize Giving Ceremony


Not applicable


The sailing instructions will be posted on the official board.


- The courses will be windward/leeward or trapezoid.

- The long distance course will be set according to the prevailing weather conditions.


Rule 44.1 is changed so that The Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.


11.2 1 race are required to be completed to validate the regatta.

11.3 The scoring system including the number of excluded races will be described in full in the sailing instructions.

11.4 Overall results are calculated according with the handicap system : 1.192 for solitary and 1.323 for doubles

There is lots more but it will appear on the club website ( )     in due course, one imagines




Regatta Le Touquet 16 - 17 June

From: Bruno Denys

Sent: 06 May 2018 18:49

 Erwin Linthout - UpSail; Bruno Chevalier (; Gorun R.; Xavier DUPONT;; Caroline Muylle

Subject: Weta Classe France + Weta Class Uk + Benelux regatta in LE TOUQUET16th & 17th of June


Dear Weta Sailors,


For your information, Weta Class France is organizing a regatta in Le Touquet just 69km from Calais on June 16th and 17th.

This is a unique chance to sail together between our French and UK classes & maybe also have some Belgian & Dutch Sailors.


Also we got approval from FFV (French sailing federation) to make it a regatta for valid & less valid sailors which makes for everyone.


Thank you to get back to me on whether you could come.

And I will provide you more information.


The Touquet sailing club address is located on the northern side of the city of Le Touquet , just outside of the club are places for camping cars and campers and also a series of very convenient hotels close by.

Please find google map of the location below