The Weta dealership is in a state of flux at the moment; try Pete Cailes   01425 618195 for new boats, secondhand boats and spares. 4 new boats have arrived in the UK!  SEE SALES AND WANTS. Of the links below, the Wetamarine website is the manufacturer’s website and is the UK section of the manufacturer’s website. This website is the class association website. There is an element of overlap between the two.

Wetamarine NZ Website  

Forum (international)   (Requires Yahoo sign up) defunct

Communication with the Membership: There is no UK forum. Notices may be circulated to the membership by emailing the Chairman/Sec/POC who will forward the notice via e-mail to the association’s Group Address List. To be placed on this list e-mail the Chairman (above). The international Yahoo forum has been discontinued but there are references to two other forums on the Wetamarine website. These may or may not be functioning at the moment (June 2020)  Wetamarine NZ posts newsletters on their website from time to time. Their website is in any case much improved and will give anyone seeking a Wetafix something towatch or think about during their breakfast surf


Chairman/Secretary/POC: George Morris,

tel 01309 690898 (Forres, near Inverness)

Spares and sales:  Pete Cailes

Welcome to the Weta Class Association Website


The Weta is a 14ft ‘dinghy’ trimaran suitable for use by one to three people. It can be sailed as a single-handed racing dinghy with skiff-like characteristics, as a general purpose recreational boat with cruising potential, as a training boat and as a boat suitable, with the addition of a special seat, for disabled sailing. Unlike most catamarans it sails more or less level, rather than on one hull. It was designed in New Zealand and is named after the Wetapunga - a native of New Zealand and reputedly the world’’s largest insect. They do not bite and are regarded with affection in that country. The pondskater-like appearance of the boat may have influenced the choice of name.

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